...so um it's kinda like...
...it's like a big xylophone.

Petrina // 16 // senior//drumline// drum corps// boys//menswear//animals//life//etc

play(ed): bells/crotales '11-'12, marimba '12-'13, '13-'14 in the Eden Prairie High School marching band and indoor drumline

i'm pretty okay i guess.

I'm not in band this year pls stop asking

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it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

this is how you end a show. you don’t give the audience exactly what they want, or take it completely away from them either, you leave them with the idea of what could be

you don’t throw all sanity to hell in the hopes of going out with a bang, you go out with a warm hug and a thank you 

you don’t give the characters the perfect dream ending, you give them something better

and this is how you end a show that is so powerful, people are still emotional about it 10 years after it ends.

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one time I was complaining to my friend about having high standards and he was like, “good. Because you deserve the best and nothing less than that. You deserve someone who will love you right”. And I never again felt bad for having high standards.

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If you grab my face right before you kiss me, I’ll definitely fall in love with you.

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Today is the day everyone found out Freddie from icarly is one hot piece of man

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I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind who has high standards. 

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i want pretty cats and pretty dogs and pretty boys

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21, 43, 75

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21. Do you think someone has feelings for you? - yea i kinda kno ah it’s ;\
43. How long was your longest relationship? - a little over 7. my only relationship tbh.

75. What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?

um i dunno tbh but one moment that always sticks with me is when my private lesson teacher and middle school band director dropped everything to drive me like 2 hours from band camp back home to see my brother.

I know that’s usually not what people write for this question but yeah. It made all the difference in my life that he was able to get me there right away

Thanks, anon!

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I accidentally watched this ten times.

"da hell was that"

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